Best Internet Marketing Tools for December 2012

Everybody has a long list of links and tools they use to get the job done. We use quite a few tools and thought I’d put together a list to share. Content Management WordPress ExpressionEngine – $ Drupal WordPress Frameworks and Plugins Catalyst Theme – $ Backlinks ahrefs.coms – $ […] Read more »

Can the Value and ROI of SEO be Measured?

Organic search has been a huge traffic channel for many businesses and while the number of major search engine updates have been fairly limited for years, the past few years has been a much different story. Google has never been shy about publishing search engine changes in the news but […] Read more »

Starting Over

As a professional who gives advice about web development, seo, ppc, and a ton of other tech related topics you sometimes fail at promoting yourself. I find blogging in general to be tedious but then I’ve never been an avid writer so writing was something I like to avoid. So […] Read more »